Dr. Neelam Mohan is one of the leading Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist & child liver transplant specialist

Everything You wanted to know about Pediatric Liver Diseases, Pediatric Gastro Intestinal diseases, Pediatric Liver Transplant

One of the Leading Pediatric Liver Specialist,Gastroenterologist and Liver transplant Physician

Dr. Neelam Mohan - a multi-faceted human being…  more

Clinician Par excellence
She is one of the leading pediatric Gastroenterologist & hepatologist in India. She has a vast experience of more than 21 yrs in her field. She is famous for her clinical acumen and academic knowledge.
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Acclaimed Doctor
Her sincerity, dedication and pioneering efforts in the field of pediatric liver disease, endoscopy and gastro intestinal /abdominal diseases have brought her recognition at National and International level.
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Award and recognitions
She has been honored with FIAP award by Indian Academy of Pediatrics and FACG by American College of Gastroenterology. She has been awarded Swastha Bharat Samman by Zee Health.
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• Membership of Commonwealth Association of Pediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition (CAPGHAN)• Vice President, Indian Academy of Paediatrics, Delhi (2010)
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She has 162 Publications 45 chapters and several in International journals (77).
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Social initiatives
She is founder member / secretary of CHILD Society which looks into health care issue of children and Cherry Hill Society which looks into education of weaker section.
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Oration / Speaker
Presented at 463 forums, of which 100 are international.
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Set up India’s first ever department of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Liver transplantation, at Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon.
Pioneer in field of pediatric liver transplantation. Runs the busiest centre in India afor pediatric liver transplantation.
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What’s NEW

  • "Vashisht Chikitsa Ratan Award” - Given to Dr. Neelam Mohan

    "Vashisht Chikitsa Ratan Award” was given to Dr. Neelam Mohan on the occasion of Doctors Day held on 1st July 2012  by Hon.Lt. Governor of Delhi.Mr Tejinder Khanna and the Health Minister - Dr .  A Walia
    She is the only Women Doctor from Delhi to receive this award.
    "Vashisht Chikitsa Ratan Award” - Given to Dr. Neelam Mohan

    India’s first ABO-incompatible liver transplant
    in 2yrs old Zuana.

    India’s first ABO-incompatible liver transplant

    World’s first interlinked 3 pediatric living related liver transplants with 2 donors (2 swap liver transplant and 1 domino transplant).

    World’s first interlinked 3 pediatric living related liver transplants

    Dr Neelam Mohan Awarded the FIAP at the
    Inaugural Function of
    Golden Jubilee Pedicon 2013.

    Dr Neelam Mohan Awarded the FIAP


[caption id="attachment_2163" align="aligncenter" width="216"] Testimonial by Father of Rahul Sharma.[/caption]
Post liver transplant patient from Haryana - Rahul Sharma
Liver transplant patient from Pakistan - Sayed Nazir Abbaz
[caption id="attachment_2157" align="aligncenter" width="210"] Testimonial letter written by father of Post liver transplant Patient Suraj[/caption]
Suraj - 5yrs post liver transplant
Father of 13yrs Sofi Mahreen,patient of chronic liver disease

My child was admitted in death conditions  at the age of 16 months he was so critical delay of ½ hour could take away his life.

Dr Neelam Mohan is tha doctor who saved my child, I remember her words I will try my best and you pray from god.—Says Ashutosh Tiwari (father of Dhaneesh)

I forcefuly discharged my son from previous hospital as doctors were waiting  for his official death , but I shouted  in the hospital  and without and any discharge summary and discharge procedure came out and immediately consulted Dr Neelam Mohan . Today I remember that day and thank to god , he gave me strength to make right decision.– says Dhaneesh’s Mother.

Contact details of Dhaneesh’s parents:- ph-09450696008  

Email ID:- ashuatul1978@yahoo.com

Dhaneesh is now 1.5 yrs old baby who has Down’s syndorme . He was critical and was diagnosed with Milk protein allergy and cardiac abnormalities.



Dhaneesh 18 months baby,case of milk protein allergy
Few months back I was suffering from severe stomach ache, loose motions and could not digest any type of food  and was getting extremely weak then I was diagnosed by Dr Neelam Mohan that I have celiac disease .She came in my life as “saviour” and as per her guidance and prescription I have recovered very quickly and there is a great improvement in my health too. Me and my whole family is very greatful to Dr Neelam Mohan ---says Kashish sahni Email  Id- ksenterprises001@gmail.com  Kashish a 13yrs girl suffering from Celiac disease , In this disease child cannot able to digest wheat or food preparations having wheat due the presence of “gluten” in it .For further details follow the link: http://drneelammohan.com/wp-content/articles_in_pdf/Celiac_disease_sent_to_celiac_society_on_13_May_2010_.pdf      
13yrs old Kashish Sahni,case of Celiac disease.