Dr. Neelam Mohan is one of the leading Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist & child liver transplant specialist

Everything You wanted to know about Pediatric Liver Diseases, Pediatric Gastro Intestinal diseases, Pediatric Liver Transplant

One of the Leading Pediatric Liver Specialist,Gastroenterologist and Liver transplant Physician

Dr. Neelam Mohan – a multi-faceted human being…  more

Clinician Par excellence
She is one of the leading pediatric Gastroenterologist & hepatologist in India. She has a vast experience of more than 21 yrs in her field. She is famous for her clinical acumen and academic knowledge.
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Acclaimed Doctor
Her sincerity, dedication and pioneering efforts in the field of pediatric liver disease, endoscopy and gastro intestinal /abdominal diseases have brought her recognition at National and International level.
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Award and recognitions
She has been honored with “Dr. B. C. Roy National award” for Best talents in encouraging the development of medical specialties, by the President of India on July 1st, 2016.
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Advisor to National Board of Examination, Executive member of 2nd IYNCI (Infant & Young Child Nutrition Council of India) Advisory board meeting.
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She has 245 Publications 44 chapters and several in International journals (100).
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Social initiatives
She is founder member / secretary of CHILD Society which looks into health care issue of children and Cherry Hill Society which looks into education of weaker section.
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Oration / Speaker
Presented at 700 forums, of which 150 are international.
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Set up India’s first ever department of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Liver transplantation, at Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon.(Read More)

What’s NEW

  • Hepatitis Awareness Workshop "Training the trainers" on 25th July 2018. 15 Schools of DELHI NCR /Gurgaon participated in this workshop. A good Skit was also performed by children and students received awards for their painting /poster on hepatitis awareness.

    Hepatitis Awareness Workshop

    Post liver Transplant patients dancing with Dr. Neelam Mohan in cultural event of 4th ILS symposium on a song "Chhoti si Aasha...". These post-transplant liver patient's convinced that they are full of energy and want to fulfill their entire dream.

    Post liver Transplant patients dancing with Dr. Neelam Mohan

    Women Leaders in Healthcare – Dr. Neelam Mohan was one of 38 chosen as National Women leaders, it includes Health Minister.

    Women Leaders in Healthcare – Dr. Neelam Mohan was one of 38 chosen as National Women leaders, it includes Health Minister

    The Man publications

    The Man publications

    Osmania Global Alumni Meet (2016)

    Osmania Global Alumni Meet (2016)

    Jaipur Double Helical state awards

    Jaipur Double Helical state awards


From Korkor, mother of Eli Elard Konutsey It was  such an amazing experience in Medanta, The Medicity in Gurgaon India. My name is Korkor and I’m from West Africa – Ghana  to be precise. My husband and I brought our son Eli Elard Konutsey to Medanta for a liver transplant and these amazing, wonderful doctors saved his life. Infect they gave him a second chance in life to live a normal healthy life.

Dr. Neelam Mohan in my view is the brightest doctor I have ever come across. She is super intelligent and smart. Dr. Neelam Basically lives her life for these children, she has dedicated her entire life to give these children a life --- what a wonderful women her team is also amazing.

I just want to say thank you Dr. Neelam Mohan  and team, Dr. Soin and team, the ICU Doctors and Nurses, the Liver transplant word nurses, the coordinator of Dr. Neelam Mohan (Sumanta and Kanta) and  the entire Medanta for giving my son a healthy normal life.

God Bless you

Korkor , Mother of Eli Elard Konutsey

My life never expected to be perfect, because perfection does not exist. What was expected of me was for me to give my boards exams of 12th and passing them with a good record. Also I had plans to enhance my art and dancing skills but things don't always go the way you plan. Life is so unpredictable and soon after i finished my examination Jaundice had taken over my entire body, meaning my eyes, skin and everything turned yellow. My health was deteriorating with each passing day.

With no further delay my parents admitted me to MEDANTA HOSPITAL and the doctors began to run a massive amount of tests to figure out what was actually going on.

Soon i was diagnosed with a liver disease "WILSON". Dr.A.S.SOIN and Dr. NEELAM MOHAN with their respective teams explained me the situation and the entire process of what would come next. When they said that my situation was bad and "I was sitting on a bomb" said by Dr.Neelam Mohan, I sat stunned and was trying to process all the words they had just spoken. I was in a state of shock because for me even a needle prick was a big deal and going under major surgery was not less than any nightmare.

Their words just lost somewhere in the space and at that moment all i was able to think was, would i b able to survive? are these last moments of my life that i can spend with my family? Would i be able to make it?

My family was in a state of shock too, as i was the most pampered child in the family. They were my support system, they made my will power strong at every step, without them i might have given up. I am blessed to be a part of such a family where my life was valuable because in this condition most of families let their daughter die.

My parents always asked me to keep my will power strong and my brother was making each possible effort to bring smile on my face.

If physically I was going through hard time then my family was going through it too mentally. The days of pre transplant involved multiple doctors checkups, and blood work, blood work, blood work. I was feeling angry, helpless and even scared but then my mother held my hand and said that" I won't let anything happen to you my baby, you are strong girl i know and you will survive through this, I am with you no matter what happens”. A mother gives birth to her child once keeping her life at risk. But my mother had given me birth twice. Even after my surgery I mean our surgery when i could not even think to walk my mother came from her room to mine just to have a glance of me even in so much of pain.

After the transplant i started feeling well almost immediately besides the healing from the surgery .Finding right doctors that gets u on the right track and gives u new life is a blessing. For me Dr. SOIN sir and Dr. Neelam Mam were that blessing.

After knowing that the consequences could have been more worst, the hard time through which i survived does not matters to me, in the end what matters to me is that i am still alive and i am with my family and leading a normal life. I have my days like anyone else have. i don't want anyone to sympathize me by hearing that i am a transplant patient. I am just normal person as anyone else.

It bring tears to my heart when i come to know that parents let their daughters die in this situation as their thoughts are influenced by future and society. It does not make any sense when instead of spending some amount for your daughter or your child life some parents let them die just because they think that no one will marry them and they will be having dark future. How can parents leave their daughters hand when they are lying on the death table and when they need their parents the most. I am glad to be a part of such a family where girls are given equal respect and love as boys. It’s a small appeal to all those parents who leave their daughters in these kind of critical situation and consider organ donation as life destroying for girls. Support your daughters and their ambition, each life is valuable despite of fact whether its girl or boy. Organ donation is a life giving process, and it should be consider in that way only. I am thankful to my doctors and their team because of their efforts i am alive today.

Jainika Chawla
Yes, I am a GIRL and I am still breathing.....

Testimonial by Mother of Rounak.
Testimonial by Mother of Rounak

Testimonial by Father of Rahul Sharma.
Post liver transplant patient from Haryana - Rahul Sharma
Liver transplant patient from Pakistan - Sayed Nazir Abbaz

Testimonial letter written by father of Post liver transplant Patient Suraj
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